Saturday, January 31, 2015


I know it is not Christmas, but today I am posting for the first time on my "just for fun blog",

Pocket Paper Garden.  

My new friend Sheri has a blog for recording all of the beautiful cards that she makes and it is because of her I decided I should blog too! I have enjoyed creating unique, one-of-a-kind cards for many years and I have done such a poor job, until recently, remembering to take pictures of them before they are whisked away by the mail person. It will be fun to share all of my creations with my friends and family, not just the card recipient.

My joy for card making comes from the encouragement and pleasure of the recipient as well as the creativity of making each card different.  While I sometimes make several of the same card that is not my usual style.  I deeply enjoy the process of making each card unique and suited towards the individual receiving the card.  

For the past three years my mom, Dorotheann, has paid me make 20 Christmas cards which she gives as a gift to each of her Bible study ladies. My mom enjoys the gifting of the special cards and each lady receives much pleasure from her handmade gift that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. 

While I know that Christmas is a month behind us, I am sharing a Christmas card today.   Since I make upwards of 35 unique Christmas cards each year I decided to make several each month so my creativity would be fresh for each card.  Speaking of which, I haven't made any Christmas cards for 2015 yet so maybe I will be inspired by my own post.  





  1. Beautiful card and great eye candy when you see your blog! Congratulations. I think you will love posting your beautiful cards and I know I will love looking at them. YEAH!

    1. Sheri, thanks for your comment. You're too sweet!