Friday, June 19, 2015

Time Flies

WOW!!! It has been over one month since my last post; where does the time go? Hmmm, let me think...

In May I went to California for 10 days.  My sister's youngest, Victoria, graduated from high school.  It was an awesome time of laughing, celebrating, visiting with family and shopping.   I also spent time with my mother and father in-love; this was a special time as well as I enjoyed a little slower pace before returning home to my hubby who missed me a lot!

Upon returning to Nebraska my daughter in-love and youngest grandson, Micah, who live in Ogallala, NE came for a five day visit.  We had so much fun together.
Micah picking a strawberry
from Grammy's garden
Micah is a precious gem and brings me so much joy.

I also started to watch my oldest grandson Eli, again, about 25 hours weekly.  Being a Grammy is keeping me super busy but I am having a blast.  Spending time with my grand boys infuses me with so much life and energy even though I am tired, a satisfied feeling, at the end of the day.  :)

Eli at the park
Eli is three now and his loves Legos.  He really likes taking apart what I build, usually before I finish the item.  We go to the park everyday the weather allows.  For our trips to the park Eli rides to the park in style.
Our new wheels!
Eli and Grammy
Eli also loves the chickens, gathers their eggs and talks to them when he's playing in the backyard.  What little boys doesn't love to be outside?
The Girls 

Oh my, I just remembered this blog is for sharing my love of card making!  At least now you know why I've not posted anything for more than a month.  Life has been so full and I am so very thankful that my heavenly Father has blessed me with precious grand boys and family to love and cherish.

Now on to posting a card or two.  :)

This birthday card was for my most awesome mother in-love.  I learned how to be a good mother in-law from this precious lady. I love you mom Cameron!   I loved the bright colors of this card.  They remind me of Hawaii and the wonderful trip the Cameron family took in December of 2010.  It was an amazing trip; a once in a lifetime family celebration.

This card was for my sister Rachael, to thank her for such a fun and memorable time with her and my niece.  I wouldn't have wanted to return home if my wonderful husband wasn't longingly waiting for my to fall into his arms (and cook him meals). :)   I love you Norman.  Thanks for letting me get away.  You're an amazing husband and my best friend. 



  1. I loved reading about your past month. I know you had a great time in CA. and seeing lots of family and friends but I am glad you are back in the neighborhood. It just wasn't the same without you! Your grandsons are lucky to have you for their Grammy!

  2. Thanks Sheri! It's good to be back and to walk and talk with you!

  3. I love that the chickens are called "the girls". :)

    1. It is kinda fun to call them "the girls" since I only had and still have boys and grandsons in my life. :) I wonder if that will change one day? Only Jesus know the answer to that question.

  4. Cute cute cute :) see you soon!!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I love you and I'm looking forward to our time together! :)