Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Birthday

Today's weather was AMAZING!  It felt like April as the temperature didn't rise above 70 degrees and it was down right cold in the morning!  I'm sure we'll still have plenty of hot and humid days in the weeks ahead but I enjoyed today's special gift of a gorgeous day!    

It was a great day to be outside.  Eli and I worked in the garden; I did weeding and he explored, rearranged rocks, dug in the dirt, and talked to the chickens. And of course we took a trip to the park. Today's park trip was after dinner so Papa was able to join us.  :) 

This birthday card was for Norman's co-worker Katie.  The stamp set is a recent purchase and was a lot of fun to use.  I love the little jean pocket. 

I also used this stamp set on a card I sent to a special friend who has been going through some big life changes.  I love the "pocket full of posies" sentiment. 



  1. Both cards are so cheery! Great purchase that I bet you get lots of use out of. I can see a frog in the pocket for kids birthdays and money in it for other things etc. I am heading out for a walk as today promises to be almost as amazing as yesterday! Glad you could spend time outside.

  2. Thanks Sheri. Looking forward to crafting together on Friday!

  3. Cute! Love them both so much! The pocket is perfect for you!!